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Grocers Take Alcohol Issue to Ballot

ALCOHOLLocal brewers and liquor stores are bracing for another attempt to allow Colorado grocery stores to sell wine and full-strength beer. The debate has played out before in the Colorado Legislature, but this time it’s moving toward the 2016 ballot where voters would decide. Craft brewers say Continue reading

Legislature Making Changes in Law Enforcement

co-state-capitol-300A measure to encourage police departments to buy body cameras for officers headlines another batch of law enforcement oversight bills up for debate at the Colorado Legislature. A House committee starts work today on the body camera Continue reading

Lawmakers Mover Forward with Ban on Using ATM Cards at Pot Shops

MARIJUANA-300A second ban on welfare cards being used at pot shops is moving in the Colorado Legislature. The state House approved a bill Friday to add marijuana businesses and strip clubs to the list of Colorado businesses where electronic benefits cards – called EBTs – can’t be used to withdraw cash. A similar bill has passed in the Senate. But Continue reading

Ban on Microbeads Nearing Final Approval

MICROBEADSA ban on tiny plastic particles from soaps and cosmetic products is nearing final approval in the Colorado Legislature. The Senate voted yesterday in favor of a bill banning microbeads by 2020. One more procedural vote sends the ban to the governor’s desk. The microbeads turn up in face scrubs, acne treatments and Continue reading

State Legislature Week Ahead

co-state-capitol-300The upcoming week in the Colorado Legislature includes possible votes by the full House and Senate on some hefty bills. They include a final vote in the House on a requirement that all noncommercial vehicles have snow tires or Continue reading

Sexual Assault Bill Moving Through Senate

co-state-capitol-300Sex assault victims would be able to undergo forensic evidence collection without reporting a crime under a measure pending in the Colorado Legislature. The state Senate gave unanimous bipartisan support yesterday to the bill. It would Continue reading

Lawmakers to Debate Pensions, Juvenile Shackling, and Vets

co-state-capitol-300Still to come this week in the Colorado Legislature, lawmakers worried about shackles and restraints used on juvenile offenders want to change such policies in judicial districts. A proposal up for its first hearing in a House Continue reading

Lawmakers Expanding Rules on Criminal Blood Samples

Co-State-Capital-300A measure to expand the crimes for which defendants must submit blood samples is among the first bills moving forward in the Colorado Legislature. The state Senate voted unanimously yesterday in favor of a bill to require defendants in first-degree assault cases to undergo testing if their bodily fluids come into contact with an Continue reading

River Guide Applications Available Online

colorado parksThe 2015 Colorado Parks and Wildlife River Outfitter License Application is now available online. CPW, through licensing and regulation, ensures each river guide has completed the necessary coursework and has the appropriate skill and ability to lead others on river rafts or boating excursions. According to the Colorado Continue reading

Panel Pushes Bill to Place More Restrictions on Marijuana Caregivers

MARIJUANA-300A legislative panel advanced a bill that would place new restrictions on Colorado medical marijuana growers, including limits on the number of plants they can cultivate for patients. Lawmakers say the goal is to curb abuses in the state’s medical marijuana industry, which is taxed at a lower rate than Colorado’s new recreational Continue reading

New Laws Take Effect in Colorado Today

COLORADO-STATE-FLAGHome improvements will eventually cost more with two new Colorado laws.  One law will add a fee to household paint beginning next year to fund safer paint disposal programs. The other will ban new plumbing devices that aren’t Continue reading