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Lawmakers Consider E-Ticketing

co-state-capitol-300Colorado lawmakers are considering having some police agencies issue citations electronically as a way to ease data collection on racial profiling. A committee charged with finding ways to collect profiling data pitched the idea yesterday. The Continue reading

Lawmakers Consider Ending Rain Barrel Ban

Co-State-Capital-300Some Colorado lawmakers are considering ending the state’s only-in-the-nation ban on backyard rain barrels despite a similar effort failing last legislative session. The Water Resources Review Committee Tuesday approved drafting a bill that would allow residents to collect precipitation in barrels. The legislative Continue reading

Lawmakers Get Update on State Economy

co-state-capitol-300Colorado lawmakers are getting an update on the state’s economy that will provide a clearer picture of how much money they need to refund to taxpayers. The quarterly revenue forecast released Friday morning helps lawmakers budget for future years and gives an overview of the state’s economic health. One area budget writers Continue reading

BLM Disputes Numbers Quoted by Senators on Travel Plan

BLMThe BLM is disputing some numbers Colorado lawmakers used when speaking out against the new travel plan for Mesa County. A press release issued by senate republicans earlier this week said the plan had 60% of routes closing. Chris Joyner of the BLM says that’s not true. He says Continue reading

Governor Signs Snow Tire Study into Law

WINTER-DRIVING-300Colorado lawmakers will study whether to require snow tires or chains to drive on a mountainous stretch of Interstate 70 during spring and winter months, under a bill Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law yesterday. Continue reading

Lawmakers Trying to Secure Pay Raises

pay raiseColorado lawmakers are hustling during the term’s final days to dramatically raise the pay of elected officials, including themselves. A bill to hike the salaries of statewide elected officials and state lawmakers passed the Senate late yesterday on an unrecorded voice vote. The bill has to pass the Senate in a more formal recorded vote before heading to the House. The bill hikes the pay of Continue reading

Legislative Session ends Wednesday

co-state-capitol-300Colorado lawmakers face a chaotic three-day stretch of work before adjourning for the year Wednesday with substantial legislation still pending, including more oversight on law enforcement, allowing school-violence victims to Continue reading

Lawmakers Debate Limits on Drone Bill

DRONEColorado lawmakers are scrambling to find agreement on a bill to limit drone surveillance. Several efforts to create the state’s first legal parameters for drone usage have fallen short this year. But one measure pending in the Senate may survive. The bill would allow civil penalties for drone surveillance in areas where Continue reading

Lawmakers Reject Homeless Rights Bill

co-state-capitol-300Colorado lawmakers have said no to a bill that would have outlined rights that homeless people have in public. A House committee voted 8-3 yesterday to reject the so-called “Homeless Persons’ Bill of Rights.” The measure would have Continue reading

Lawsuit Bill Intended to Curb School Shootings

co-state-capitol-300Colorado lawmakers have advanced a plan intended to reduce school shootings by making public schools legally liable for student safety. The approval of the Republican-controlled Colorado Senate came after an emotional debate Continue reading

Hash Oil Bill Moves Forward in Legislature

MARIJUANA-300Colorado lawmakers advanced a measure that would make it a felony to use explosive gases to make hash oil at home. The proposal is a response to explosions and injuries resulting from amateur hash oil production. At least 30 people were injured last year in 32 butane explosions involving hash oil, according to the Continue reading

Lawmakers to Hold School Liable for Violence

Co-State-Capital-300Colorado lawmakers are advancing a bill to make schools liable for shootings and violence. A bill that won approval 4-1 in its first test yesterday in a state Senate committee is a response to school shootings. Among the bill’s main supporters are the parents of Claire Davis who was killed in 2013 at Arapahoe High School. The bill waives Continue reading