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Deadly Cukes Recalled

FOOD RECALLSA California company is recalling its cucumbers after a salmonella outbreak that’s sickened 285 people in 27 states and killed a San Diego woman. Fourteen people in Colorado were sickened according to the CDC. Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce of San Diego on Friday voluntarily recalled its “Limited Edition” brand garden cucumbers, Continue reading

Fighting The Flu In Colorado

seasonal-flu-300Although the number of active cases of flu have dropped in Colorado, the state is still ranked as one of the hardest hit by the virus. According to the Center For Disease Control, 45 children nationwide have died of the flu in 2014-2015 season, while adults over the age of 65 have by far been hospitalized more than any other age group. The flu is Continue reading

Health Officials Urge Coloradans to get Flu Shots

seasonal-flu-300State health officials urge Coloradans to protect themselves and their families by getting a flu vaccination. Last year, there were 1,759 hospitalizations caused by the flu in Colorado. Health officials say the single best way to protect yourself from the flu is by getting vaccinated. It takes about two weeks after getting the vaccination to build the antibodies needed to protect you from the flu. The CDC recommends Continue reading

Take Precautions Against Hantavirus

hantavirus-300State health officials warn Coloradans to avoid hantavirus exposure while cleaning cabins or other buildings that were closed up for winter. Hantavirus is a serious and potentially fatal Continue reading