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Swinging Bridge Repairs Could Start Soon

Repairs to Swinging Bridge in Browns Park are expected to start fairly soon. The final plans for the bridge are being evaluated by the Federal Highway Administration and are expected to be approved by the end of the week. If that occurs, Moffat County could Continue reading

Plans To Repair Swinging Bridge Continue

Plans to repair Swinging Bridge in Browns Park took another step forward this week when the Moffat County Commissioners entered into an agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation and the State of Colorado.  The Continue reading

Commissioners Get Update on Swinging Bridge

MC Commissioners-150T. Wright Dickinson stopped by the Moffat County Commissioners meeting yesterday to update them on how things were going at the Swinging Bridge in Browns Park.  Last week, a new employee of Dickinson’s mistakenly drove a tractor onto the bridge, which wasn’t able to handle its weight.  The tractor fell Continue reading

Swinging Bridge Closed Due to Damage

M.C.-Road-and-Bridge-300The Swinging Bridge in Brown’s Park is closed until further notice.  The Moffat County Road and Bridge Department says a ranch truck fell through the decking yesterday, and the bridge has to be fixed before it can be reopened.  Road and Bridge’s Bill Mack said the truck didn’t fall all the way through to the river, but Continue reading