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Slash Pile Burning On Emerald Mountain

Smoke may be visible soon near Steamboat, as firefighters will be burning the remaining slash piles on Emerald  Mountain over the coming weeks. The burns could start this week, if weather and ground conditions allow. Once started, the burn process is expected to continue for Continue reading

Be Aware Of Bears, Leave Young Wildlife Alone

Wildlife can be very active in the late summer, so Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding residents to be aware and cautious when in bear habitat, and to leave young wildlife alone. Every year people bring in young wildlife to CPW that they believe have been abandoned which is unfortunately the worst thing that can be done. Mothers will often Continue reading

Wildfire Burning Near Encampment

The Bureau of Land Management High Desert District and the Encampment Fire Department are fighting a wildfire approximately 1 mile southeast of Encampment. The cause of the nearly 200 acre blaze is currently under Continue reading

Avoid Christmas Delivery Scams

BBBFree shipping and two-day shipping are a boon for holiday shoppers wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle of in-store shopping. It’s also a boon for scam artists who call or email to let you know you’re receiving a package, or that a package can’t be delivered, but who are really after your credit or debit card information. The Better Business Bureau Continue reading