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Amount Of Stoned Drivers Gets Higher In CO

COLO-STATE-PATROL-300Colorado law enforcement says it has a new type of impaired driver on its hands. According to the state patrol, the number of tickets for stoned drivers has increased in Colorado since the passage of Amendment 64 which legalized the use and sale of recreational marijuana.  Numbers show that overall Continue reading

Bloomberg Disagrees with Legalizing Marijuana

bloomFormer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has sharply criticized Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana and called it a terrible idea. Bloomberg said at a meeting at the Aspen Institute on Friday that marijuana is hurting the developing minds of children. He admitted to smoking a joint in the 1960s, but he Continue reading

Police Chiefs Wrap up Marijuana Training Conference

MARIJUANA-300The final day of of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police training conference on marijuana concluded last week with discussions of the Colorado marijuana industry perspective, the challenges of good data collection, and the importance of cross-collaboration with other public agencies. Discussions at the CACP’s Continue reading