Swinging Bridge Repairs Planned For 2017

swingin bridgePlans to repair Swinging Bridge on Moffat County Road 83 in Browns park took a big step forward last week after the Colorado Department of Local Affairs approved Moffat County’s request for a $760,000 grant to repair and improve the bridge. Swinging Bridge has been open only to foot traffic for the last two years. During that time, the Moffat County Commissioners worked to obtain a “right of way” agreement from the US Fish and Wildlife Service which owns the bridge. That agreement was finalized in June. With the signed agreement in hand the Commissioners were able to apply for the DOLA grant. The grant requires Moffat County to pay for half of the cost to repair the bridge. Moffat County Commissioner, Chuck Grobe told Wild West Radio News that the county has already raised all but $13,000 of the amount required. That money came from a number of private and public sources including; an insurance payment, the “Colorado State Land Board”, the “BLM Little Snake River Field office”, the “Colorado Department of Transportation” and a number of others. When Swinging Bridge is reopened to motorized traffic, planned improvements will increase the structures capacity from a 3 ton limit to a limit of 14 tons. The weight limit increase will greatly improve access across the bridge for firefighters, hunters and other private and business entities that were previously unable to use Swinging Bridge. The closure of the bridge was the result of a tractor that fell through the bridges wooden deck and rendered it unusable for motorized traffic back in June of 2014. The repairs and improvements to the bridge are expected to be completed before the end of next year.

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