Swinging Bridge Maintenance Management Plan

The Moffat County Commissioners signed a Management agreement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service at their meeting last week. The agreements outlines who will be responsible for maintenance of the Swinging Bridge. The County will be in charge of covering routine repairs to the bridge that do not exceed $15,000 a year, while Fish and Wildlife will be responsible for more significant repairs that cost between $15,000 and $200,000 a year.   Both entities would contribute additional funds if the yearly repairs exceed $200,000. The agreement is for five years with an option for both parties to extend it if they choose. Repairs to the Swinging Bridge are expected to start this spring with plans to have the work competed by the end of summer. Swinging Bridge has been open only to foot traffic since June of 2014, after a tractor broke through the decking of the bridge rendering it unusable to motorized traffic. When Swinging Bridge is reopened to motorized traffic, the structures capacity will increase from 3 to 14 tons. This will greatly improve access for firefighters, hunters and others that were previously unable to use the bridge. Pictured above is the accident that closed the bridge, click to enlarge.

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