Sweetwater County Bomb Squad Responds to Mosquito Trap

sweetwater-county-sheriff-3A suspicious object reported to the Sweetwater Bomb Squad yesterday turned out to be a mosquito trap.  Sweetwater County Sheriff Rich Haskell said security personnel at the Jim Bridger Power Plant near Point of Rocks notified the Sheriff’s Office at around midnight that a suspicious object with wires connected to a small battery had been found.  The Sweetwater Bomb Squad was alerted. At the scene, the bomb squad technicians examined and x-rayed the device and determined it to be harmless.  The device was found to be a mosquito trap belonging to Sweetwater County Weed and Pest. Allison Petersen, the department’s mosquito control technician, said she normally sets six to eight of the traps per day at various locations throughout the county and checks them on a daily basis for Culex mosquitoes, which can be carriers of the West Nile virus.  Haskell reminded county residents of the best procedure to follow when such a suspicious item is encountered. “Don’t touch it, don’t try to move it, and don’t approach it,” he said. “Move at least several hundred yards away, then call it in.”

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