Survey Shows Americans Want More Power for States

WESTERN ENERGY ALLIANCEAmericans strongly support using resources on public lands to produce energy, and giving states more control over regulating those activities. That’s according to a poll commissioned by Western Energy Alliance, which says 60 percent of likely voters support increasing energy production on multiple-use public lands, which do not include national parks and wilderness areas. When asked about other issues related to the oil and natural gas industry, voters expressed overwhelming support for states taking a leading role in wildlife conservation, including endangered species. Support was strong for Congress overturning the crude oil export ban, with majorities across political parties in favor of repeal. Western Energy Alliance commissioned the Tarrance Group to conduct a national telephone survey of 1,000 likely voters from April 12th through the 16th. You can view both a summary of the survey and the full results, by clicking on the appropriate link below.


Full results

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