Students Drive Campaign to get CU to Stop Investing in Fossil Fuels

cuA campaign to get universities to stop investing in fossil fuels has come to energy-rich Colorado. Students asked the University of Colorado Board of Regents on Friday to divest from coal and petroleum companies. The board isn’t expected to decide any time soon. Getting CU to shun those industries would be a prize for the “fossil-free” movement because Colorado is the nation’s No. 7 energy state, producing coal, oil and gas. The students say change is urgent because they’ll have to live with the consequences of global warming. Industry representatives say divestment is a bad idea because fossil fuels are becoming cleaner and make up a big part of the state and national economy. Scientists also debate the causes of climate change, meaning the move would be made based on a theory, rather than actual science. CU’s investments total about $2.7 billion. Officials couldn’t say exactly how much is in fossil fuels.

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