Strategic Planning Seminar In Meeker

The Rio Blanco County Historical Society will be conducting a County-wide Craft Mentor strategic planning seminar Friday and Saturday at the Old West  Heritage Culture Center in Meeker. The seminar will take place Friday from 1 to 5 and Saturday from 9 to 5.  The schedule is flexible so those who can only attend a certain part of  the seminar are still welcome to participate and share ideas. The event is free and all are invited to attend. Light refreshments will be provided.  Additional information on the gathering is available below. To register, send an email to, or call 274-6557.

CRAFT Mentor exists to stimulate the development of high-quality cultural, heritage, agricultural and outdoor adventure tourism experiences for travelers in Colorado, catering to all organizations or businesses wishing to advance a specific tourism-related goal or strategy. For more information, click here. 

CSU Professor  Constance Deveraux, Ph.D. conducted a highly successful strategic planning  process in 2015 for the OWHCC and will return to  serve as mentor and facilitator for guiding the visioning process that seeks to engage historical society members and community adults and youth in determining  the future programs and outreach efforts  of the Society, the White River Museum and the OWHCC.   Heritage Culture and Agritourism are among the leading economic development engines in Colorado, particularly for small rural communities.  Domestic and International visitors are particularly attracted to Old West Heritage and agricultural historical venues and tend to spend more time and funds in such venues than other tourism attractions.

Accomplishments to date include: Pending designation of Meeker National Historic District, Farmer’s Markets, Cowboy Poet’s gatherings, History Camps for youth, outreach programs at Sheepdog trials, and much more.   Future proposed projects include Community Hearts and Soul community engagement program, Historic Trails and Antiquities program. For additional information click here.


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