Steamboat Yampa River Trail Closures

river floodingThe City of Steamboat Springs Parks, Open Space and Recreational Services Department have closed sections of the Yampa River Core Trail and other local trails as high water rises this spring.  Each spring, as snow melts and the rivers run higher, various sections of trails are closed as water exceeds the river banks.  As the flows increase and decrease there will be several closures and re routes on the trail system.  To date, the following sections of trail are closed:

  • The Highway 40 Underpass at Walton Creek
  • The Rail Road Underpass upstream of Fetcher Pond
  • From Fetcher Pond to Trafalgar Drive
  • The 13th Street Underpass

These sections and others may open or close as peak flows are reached.  Please obey all closures and do not try to cross trails with water on them.

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