Steamboat Residents Should Help Remove Snow

With snow expected through the weekend, the City of Steamboat is asking the community for their assistance with snow removal operations. Residents are responsible for maintaining their own driveways, parking areas and sidewalks. Snow should be kept on your property, and never push snow into a public street. Fire hydrants should remain un-covered throughout the winter to allow emergency personnel access. Whenever possible, new snow should be removed the same day it falls. As a reminder, Steamboat prioritizes which roads to plow based on their importance to city operations. The City’s first priority is to keep high traffic flow areas clear to ensure emergency access. After that, Steamboat focuses on bus and commercial routes before shifting their attention to the residential areas. To allow city snow plow operators room to work, no overnight parking is allowed on city streets through May 1st. After the snow stops, the City then will work to remove snow from the storage areas around Steamboat.

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