Steamboat Publishes Sales Tax Report

City-of-SteamboatThe City of Steamboat has published the final March 2014 Sales, Use, and Accommodation Tax Report. Steamboat’s March sales taxes are 7.31% more than the March 2013 collections, a difference of $163,911. Notable increases by business category include a 9.67% increase in restaurants, a 9.47% increase in lodging and amenities and followed closely by a 9.46% increase in miscellaneous retail.  Collections by area reflect increases across the board. Highlights include increases of 12.90% for the West Steamboat area, 11.01% for Regional, 7.87% for the Mountain area and 7.25% for the Downtown area over March 2013.  Year to date sales tax collection is showing a positive trend at 6.31% more than year to date through March 2013.

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