Steamboat Prioritizes Which Roads To Plow

With the winter weather now in Northwest Colorado snow plow operations will be in effect for the remainder of the season. While these operations are taking place, Steamboat residents should be aware that the City uses a priority system to determine which roads should be plowed. Steamboat is responsible for maintaining 152 miles of road ways, 6 miles of alleys, 37 parking lots and 105 cul-de-sacs in the city. Their first priority is to keep specific city streets clear to allow for emergency access. The City will then plow additional roads based on their importance to public safety and traffic flow. Additional information on Steamboat snowplow operations is available below.

Steamboat Snowplow Operations:

The City’s first priority in snow removal operations is to keep city streets clear of snow for emergency access and traffic flow.  Streets crews have 152 street miles, 6 miles of alleys, 37 parking lots and 105 cul-de-sacs to plow within the City.  During times of heavy snowfall, streets are prioritized according to public safety requirements and traffic volumes, with a focus on access routes for emergency vehicles, bus and commercial routes, and then residential areas.  City crews also work to dig out the 1100 fire hydrants across the City, which sometimes causes additional snow to be placed in the adjacent areas.  In order to increase route cleaning across the city, the City’s Public Works Department has implemented grader plowing to compliment sand truck plowing.  This method allows for improved widening of the roadways, the removal of snow pack on the streets, and should reduce the number of windrows (berms) per storm; however it does sometimes create larger windrows.

When snowfall has stopped, crews work to remove snow from storage piles throughout the community.  Residents are reminded not to put snow onto the fire hydrants so they remain accessible for emergency situations, and are also reminded not to push or place snow in the street as it creates a safety hazard, is a violation of the municipal code, and creates a larger windrow for your neighbor when streets are plowed.

Also as a reminder, the Colorado Department of Transportation is responsible for clearing Highway 40 through Steamboat Springs.

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