States Sue EPA Over Clean Power Plan

clean-power-planOral arguments begin Tuesday in the law suit against the Environmental Protection Agency over the Obama administrations Clean Power Plan. West Virginia is leading a coalition of 27 states, including Colorado, in an effort to challenge the regulations in a United States Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. The United States Supreme Court recently issued a stay against the Clean Power Plan in February. The Clean Power Plan was enacted by the Obama administration in an effort to reduce carbon emissions in the United States by 30% over the next decade. The plan looked to accomplish this goal by setting specific carbon reduction targets for each state based on the amount of carbon dioxide they emit while producing electricity. The coalition of states is challenging the EPA’s authority to regulate the Clean Power Plan. They claim the language in the CPP does not give the EPA power to regulate power plant emissions. They are also arguing that the plan is too rigid and does not provide enough flexibility for individual states. Experts believe that the group of states will have a difficult time winning the law suit in the D.C. Court because six out of the ten judges that will hear the case were appointed by Democrats. After a decision is rendered, the case could still go before the United States Supreme Court.

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