State Natural Resources Director Plans to Fight for ColoWyo

coloyowOne of the new pieces of information in the ColoWyo lawsuit that came out during Wednesday night’s community meeting at Moffat County High School, is that it appears the state will be going to bat for Tri-State and ColoWyo. Deputy Natural Resources Director Bob Randall was at the meeting and asked to read a statement from Executive Director Mike King. In the statement, King said his office is reviewing opportunities to participate in the appeal process. King says while he believes in the NEPA process, the court has given an unrealistic time frame for completing the Environmental Assessment. A federal judge has ordered the assessment be redone within 120 days, or the mine risks losing its permit for the South Taylor pit, the only pit the mine is currently operating on. In his statement, King said, “Given the importance of this mine to Craig and surrounding areas, we need to exhaust every avenue to ensure that the issues at hand can be addressed without the impacts to families and communities that would likely result from the short timeline in this ruling.” Last month, Governor Hickenlooper asked Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to do everything possible to “respond to the judge’s ruling and remedy the situation as expeditiously as possible.” He says his office has pledged to do the same.

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