State Group Pushes Through Exemption in Clean Air Act

POWER PLANTYesterday, the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry joined the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division in successfully persuading the state Air Quality Control Commission to retain vital legal protections for Colorado’s industry operators under the federal Clean Air Act. The Association took a lead role in representing the priorities of industrial operators across a range of sectors. The group’s testimony before the Commission focused on the need to retain critical legal protections for Colorado operators that experience malfunctions resulting in excess emissions. As an issue of fundamental fairness, CACI strongly advocated that industry operators should not be punished and heavily fined when industrial machinery or electronics experience malfunctions that are beyond operators’ reasonable control. The measure attracted strong criticism from the Sierra Club, and a strongly worded opposition letter from the EPA. However, CACI says the decision represents a significant win for Colorado’s business community.

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