South Carolina Men Rescued After Getting Caught in Storm

sweetwater-county-sheriff-3Sweetwater County deputies, Eden-Farson Fire Department emergency responders, and a search aircraft worked together to locate and rescue a South Carolina man and his son in a remote area in northern Sweetwater County Wednesday afternoon. Sheriff Mike Lowell says 54-year old Richard Kendrick and his 19-year-old son have been traveling through several western states on a two-week back country trip riding dual-sport motorcycles. Tuesday found the pair in the Alkali Draw area about 45 miles northeast of Rock Springs, caught in the recent extreme rainstorm conditions. Heavy rain and mud made travel extremely difficult, and at one point Kendrick injured himself when he tipped his bike over. They spent the night at a road intersection and tried to ride out on Wednesday, but couldn’t make it out due to the injury and the weather. They activated their Personal Locator Beacon, a global positioning system device. The Kendricks were found Wednesday afternoon. The injury turned out to be a minor one, and neither of the men went to the hospital.

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