Soos and Moe Address Area Concerns in Forum

Ballot-300Frank Moe and Tom Soos were the focus of a Candidates Forum put on last night by 93-7/102-3 KRAI, 55 Country, and the Craig Daily Press.  The two answered several questions regarding their qualifications, work experience, and vision for the county.  When asked about challenges the county will see economically over the next decade, both pointed toward energy.  Moe says it’s important to protect what has been a big part of the local economy, while at the same time finding ways to diversify.  Soos pointed out that there is another aspect of Moffat County’s economy that also needs protection, agriculture.  He says over the years, while energy was booming and busting, agriculture has stayed rather stable.  The entire audio from last night’s forum will be available here after noon today.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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