Snow! Where Does It Go?

WINTER-DRIVING-300Where to put all the snow.  That’s the dilemma facing residents, businesses and government in Northwest Colorado.  As the snow piles continued to grow it’s important that everyone do what they can to keep the streets and sidewalks safe, and clear. Here are some tips on how to accomplish those goals. Do not push snow from your property on to city streets or alley ways.  If that occurs while you are removing snow from your driveway or sidewalk, you should remove it promptly. When putting snow in to piles, be aware that the placement of piles can impact visibility and cause other traffic concerns. Also remember that your neighbor doesn’t want to deal with the snow either, so be sure to keep the snow that you are clearing on your own property.  And if you park on the street and your car is surrounded by plowed snow, move it to a cleared location as quickly as possible to allow snowplows to reach that portion of the street.   It’s important that homeowners and residents know that they are responsible for maintaining their own driveways and parking areas and that pushing or throwing snow on to or across a roadway when clearing your driveway is unlawful.  Follow the links to additional information about snow removal and regulations in Craig, Steamboat, Hayden and Meeker.








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