Sick Elk Near Rawlins

WYOMING FISH AND GAME SMALLThe Wyoming Game and Fish Department has received reports of sick elk near Rawlins. It is suspected that these elk may be suffering from lichen toxicosis, but that is not yet confirmed. The Wyoming State Wildlife Veterinary Lab will provide an analysis of the elk.  Wyoming has seen large deaths from lichen toxicosis in the recent past. During the winters of 2004 and 2008 combined, over 500 elk died from lichen toxicosis in the Red Rim area. An isolated death in 2012 occurred when one cow elk was found north of Wamsutter lying down, alert, but unable to stand.  Lander Regional Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter says, “We are working hard to find out what is making these elk sick and determine if it is indeed lichen toxicosis again. We will continue to monitor the elk in the surrounding area. We ask people not to approach these elk, but to continue to report any elk that appear to be sick and unable to stand.”  If you observe any elk with abnormal behavior including paralysis, please call Rawlins Game Wardens Teal Joseph at 307-328-0313 or Dillon Herman at 307-324-2973, or Sinclair Biologist Greg Hiatt at 307-324-2116. If you have questions about this matter, please call Jason Hunter at 307-332-2688.

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