Sheriff’s Looking For Info On Reported Dog Fighting

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office is asking for public information concerning internet reports of dog fighting in the Rock Springs and Green River areas. Social media posts have indicated dog fights are being staged in Rock Springs, west of Rock Springs in the Purple Sage area, and in the general vicinity of the Blue Rim Road west of Green River. The posts have also detailed sites where the carcasses of dead fighting dogs have allegedly been dumped. Dog fighting is a felony in every state, including Wyoming, where it carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a $5,000 fine. None of the dog fighting sites or carcass dump sites described in the posts has been located, nor have local animal control agencies received any reports or calls concerning dog fighting. Despite this, Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell is asking anyone with information on dog fighting, dog fighting events, or fighting dog training in Sweetwater County to call (307) 875-1400.

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