Shadow Mountain Home Owners Owe Money

Several property owners in Shadow Mountain Village are behind on their payments to Moffat County to pay for improvements to the water system that occurred over the last three years. Each property owner in Shadow Mountain was responsible for paying a little over $2,000 for the work, which can be paid in 20 annual installments of $109.08. Out of the 243 homes, 73 owners are delinquent on their payments. If the delinquent fees are paid by November 2nd, the property owner will again be able to make payments in yearly installments, if this does not occur, they will have to pay the full amount owed to keep their property from being sent to a tax lien sale. At their meeting yesterday, the Moffat County Commissioners sent a letter to the delinquent property owners requesting payment. A copy of that letter and information that was sent to the property owners is available here.


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