Seniors Want The Shadow Mountain Club House

Members of the Senior Social Center showed up at the Moffat County Commissioners Meeting yesterday, to ask the Commissioners to sell or lease them the Shadow Mountain Club House, instead of putting it up for auction. Members of the Social Center said the group, which has been using the Bell Tower at CNCC for their gatherings, is looking for a permanent home. They have more than 200 members that participate in activities, but believe they could attract more in a building with a better layout. The group says it would be unwise for the commissioners to ignore Craig and Moffat County’s aging population, citing the fact that 3,500 people in Craig are currently 50 years or older. The Commissioners said while the county is experiencing significant budget issues they understand the community needs a place for seniors to gather. They promised to schedule a workshop in the near future with members of the Social Center, to determine what the options could be for the club house.

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