Senator Gardner Talks to Senate About ColoWyo

gardnerSenator Cory Gardner (R-CO) took to the Senate floor yesterday to discuss the hugely negative impact that the closure of the Colowyo Mine would have on Northwest Colorado’s families and economy. The mine is threatened by a Federal District Court order determining that the Office of Surface Mining failed to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act in 2007, when it issued a mine plan approval. Unless the Interior Department prepares a new environmental analysis within the time limitation of 120 days after the court decision, the mine could be forced to close. Gardner highlighted the over two hundred jobs supported by the mine, as well as the millions in state and federal tax dollars that the mine contributes. He also pointed out that the mine’s closure would raise energy prices not only in Colorado, but also in neighboring states which participate in the energy cooperative which administers the mine. Gardner also entered into the record several letters from Colorado officials, including Governor John Hickenlooper, Congressman Scott Tipton, and Congressman Ed Perlmutter, which call on the Interior Department to appeal the Court’s ruling. While Tri-State, the owner of ColoWyo, has filed for a stay and an appeal, the OSM has yet to do so. You can see video of Gardner’s testimony on the front page.  Pictured: Cory Gardner

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