Senate Looks At Bill To Delay Obamacare Tax

Following the news that the GOP’s effort to repeal Obamacare through the Graham-Cassidy bill would be unsuccessful, Senator Cory Gardner introduced legislation yesterday that would institute a one year delay on the implementation of an Obamacare health insurance tax. The Healthcare Tax Relief Act would delay the payments insurers would have to make to cover fees for their policy premiums through Obamacare. Gardner says the Senate needs to look at every avenue possible to provide relief to the American people from the high costs created by the Affordable Care Act. According to Gardner, the legislation delays a tax that once implemented would lead to even higher costs of care for Coloradans. It would also directly impact approximately 11 million households that purchase insurance through the individual market and another 23 million households that have insurance through their employer. According to the policy think tank American Action Forum, if implemented, the Health Insurance Tax would increase premiums as much as $5,000 over a decade.

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