Semi-Tractor Rollover On Highway 40

Semi tractor rollover 3 Semi tractor rollover 1There was a semi-tractor rollover accident on Highway 40 South of Steamboat at Sky Valley Drive just before noon today.  The initial report said that there appeared to be smoke coming from the vehicle and driver was still inside the vehicle. Upon arrival at the scene emergency responders found the driver of the semi had self-extricated himself from the vehicle.  The driver told responders that he was not hauling any hazardous material (contents to include coffee creamer and cookies). The driver was evaluated on scene and was found to be not injured. The semi-tractor trailer was leaking diesel from a ruptured saddle tank so absorbent pads and booms were put in place to contain the diesel runoff and the non-ruptured saddle tank was clamped off to inhibit drainage to the other tank.  Clearing the accident resulted in the east bound lane of Highway 40 closing for about 30 minutes.  The cause of the accident is currently under investigation by Colorado State Patrol. Photos: From the scene of the accident – Click to enlarge – Courtesy of SSFR.

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