Scientists Using Police Style Equipment to Study Wall of Bones at Dinosaur

Dinosaur-National-Monument-A team of scientists from the Museum of Paleontology, Department of Geological Sciences, and the Museum of Peoples and Cultures of Brigham Young University along with Dinosaur National Monument staff recently conducted the first phase of a mapping project for the famous wall of bones. Armed with computers, tripods, plastic spheres, cameras, and remote controlled scanners members of the mapping team climbed among the fossils of long dead dinosaurs in order to document their final resting places.  BYU’s Brooks Britt says “Just as a crime scene map provides information crucial to solving a case, a map of the dinosaur quarry will provide crucial insights into the events leading to the burial of these dinosaurs.”  Scientists are using state-of-the-art tools used by police in crime scenes, such as 3D laser scans and high resolution imaging.  To learn more about the project, click here.

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