School District Won’t Comment on Hazing Incident until After Investigation

BULLDOGSSuperintendent of Moffat County Schools Brent Curtis says until police from Craig and Evanston Wyoming finish their investigation, the district will refrain from commenting on the hazing incident that reportedly took place at the Moffat County High School Football Camp.  The camp was held in Evanston June 18th through the 20th.  Parents of freshman players say their kids were subject to violence and humiliation from their own teammates beyond what is considered typical initiation.  Kids reportedly came home with bruises and markings from the attacks, and the parents are seeking answers.  The parents question the level of supervision given the kids during the overnight hours.  Police are looking into assault and harassment charges.  One student has said he will not return to Moffat County High School due to what happened at the camp.

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