Scammers Target Wyoming Seniors

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a new scam which is targeting the areas seniors. Victims are receiving calls from young people who claim to be their grandchildren. The scammers then claim that they are in jail, often out of the state or in Canada, and need money for bail, damages, or attorney expenses. The first call is often followed by a second, from a man claiming to be the child’s attorney, who confirms the story and presses the victim to send the funds. These scammers sometimes use social media sites to gather information on their victim and their grand children, to make the story more believable.  A Rock Springs man recently fell victim to a similar scam and was swindled out of $4,000. Seniors should be aware of the scam and those with older family members are encouraged to warn them about such calls. If you do receive a call of this nature, it should be reported immediately to local law enforcement.

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