Scammers Impersonating Law Enforcement

Scammers who claim to represent the Sheriff’s department are again targeting people in the Sweetwater County. The scammer is claiming they’re a law enforcement officer, and are threatening targets with arrest for supposedly evading jury duty. The victim is then told they can avoid arrest by purchasing e-vouchers or re-loadable debit cards in order to “pay the penalties.” Scams of this nature often use a technique called “masking” to make it appear as if they are calling from within Wyoming when in fact they are at the other end of the country or even overseas. According to Sheriff Mike Lowell, law enforcement will never call to demand money or payment for fines for things like missed jury duty, overdue traffic tickets, etc.  If you receive a call like this, make a note of the agency or department that the caller claims to represent and also note the number that appears on your caller ID. Any calls of this nature should be reported immediately to local law enforcement.

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