Scam Targets Wyoming Residents

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office is warning people of a new scam targeting the counties residents. Scammers are calling people claiming to be a law enforcement officer or official with the bogus “Sweetwater Civil Processing Unit”. The scammer, who is said to have a thick accent, tells the victim that an officer will be coming by with a warrant or other official paper work. The scammer, who has been described as rude and threatening, will then ask the victim for a credit card number. They say the card is needed to reconcile the fictitious amount the victim is said to owe the County. Law enforcement agencies will never demand money or payment over the phone to cover fines, missed jury duty, or overdue traffic tickets. If you receive a call of this nature, write the number down, and report it to the Sweetwater County Sheriffs or other local law enforcement immediately.

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