Scam Targets NW Colorado Seniors

Area law enforcement officers have received reports of a new scam, where individuals appear to be utilizing personal information found on social media sites to scam the elderly.  Seniors have received calls claiming their grand children are trapped in a foreign country and need money to get back.  A woman in Mesa County recently was scammed out of $400 when she thought her granddaughter was stuck in Canada.  This was believable because her granddaughter travels regularly to Canada and posts about it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  To avoid scams of this nature take the step of double checking the information by calling other family members to see if they are aware of the situation, or simply call back the person who requested the money to ensure they are who they said they are.  It’s also good to be aware that personal information posted on social media is often easy to find and may be used in scams of this nature.

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