Save The Barn Group Purchases Luttrell Barn

The Save the Barn Committee purchased the Luttrell Barn from the Moffat County Commissioners yesterday, and signed a 10 year ground lease agreement, giving them control of the property where the barn is located.  The Committee paid the County $100 for the barn and will pay $100 a  year for the ground lease.  The lease gives the committee the option to extend it twice in ten year increments, so it could last 30 years.  The Save the Barn Committee has 90 days to get estimates on barn restoration costs. If the costs exceed restoration estimates the committee has the option to return the title of the barn to the county, and terminate the lease. The Save the Luttrell Barn Committee has raised approximately $30,000 in pledges and donations from the community, with estimates that it could take around $200,000 to fully restore the barn. The committee will have 3 years to complete restorations on the barn or the county has the option to terminate the lease.

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