Rule Could Result In Nearly 80,000 Lost Coal Jobs

coalplugHouse Republicans are looking to put a stop to a rule that could cost the U.S. tens of thousands of coal mining jobs. Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton is pushing to add a provision to any possible end of year funding package.  The provision would end or delay the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation’s proposed Stream Protection Rule.  The purpose of the Stream Protection Rule is to protect streams, fish, wildlife, and the environment, from impacts of surface coal mining operations, by providing operators a regulatory framework to avoid water pollution.  The Congressional Coal Caucus says that if Stream Protection rule is passed the country could lose 78,000 coal jobs. According to Tipton no scientific evidence has been presented to demonstrate the need for what he calls an “overreaching rule”. Tipton also stated that “our communities can not afford to lose any more jobs at the hands of President Obama’s radical regulatory agenda.”

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