Routt And Medicine Bow Fire Restrictions Lifted

Fire restrictions for the entirety of the Routt National Forest and a large portion of the Medicine Bow National Forest have been lifted. In the Medicine Bow National Forest, the restrictions have been lifted for the Sierra Madre and Snowy Ranges, as well as the Pole Mountain Unit, but restrictions are still in place for the Laramie Peak unit. The restrictions were lifted in part due to increased moisture in the areas, reduced expectancy of human-caused fires, and favorable long-term fire weather forecasts. Despite increased precipitation recently, forest visitors are still advised to use caution when building and maintaining campfires. A list of campfire safety tips is available below.

Campers and other public land users need to follow basic fire safety rules:

  • Scrape back dead grass and forest materials from your campfire site.
  • Keep your campfire small and under control; make it only as big as you need it.
  • Keep a shovel and a water container nearby to douse escaped embers.
  • Do not park vehicles in tall dry grass, since hot tailpipes can cause fine fuels to catch on fire.
  • Remember that any ignition – cigarettes, campfires, gunfire, vehicles – could be the cause of a wildland fire, as grass and other vegetation is dry and extremely flammable.
  • Always follow current fire restrictions.
  • Fireworks are not allowed on federal lands.
  • Stage I fire restrictions currently exist on the Thunder Basin National Grassland and the Laramie Peak portion of the Medicine Bow National Forest.

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