Routt and Rio Blanco Counties Free of V.S.

cdaThe Routt and Rio Blanco County sites that were quarantined due to cases of vesicular stomatitis have been released from quarantine. The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s State Veternarian’s Office has 46 locations in 14 counties under quarantine due to the disease. In last month’s report there were two quarantined sites in Rio Blanco County, and one in Routt County, but this month’s report says those sites have been released. Equine and Bovine are susceptible to the disease, which causes sores in the mouths of animals, making it hard for them to eat. Livestock owners who suspect an animal may have VS or any other vesicular disease should immediately contact their local veterinarian. Livestock with clinical signs of VS are isolated until they are determined to be of no further threat for disease spread. There are no USDA approved vaccines for VS. While rare, human cases of VS can occur, usually among those who handle infected animals.

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