Roll-Over Kills 2, Injures 2 Others

Alcohol consumption is believed to have contributed to an accident Friday that killed two people on private property in Garfield County. 40-year-old Cody Christopher was driving on Puma Paw Ranch Road off of Garfield County Road 219 near Rifle, when he lost control, resulting in his SUV rolling multiple times down an embankment. Passengers’ 41-year-old Trent Johnson of Glenwood and 36-year-old Mathew Smith of Rifle were both ejected during the accident and were pronounced dead at the scene. Christopher and a ten-year-old male were both transported to the hospital for treatment. No one was wearing a set-belt when the accident occurred just after midnight. Christopher has been booked into the Garfield County Jail on the suspicion of vehicular homicide and assault and driving under the influence.

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