Rio Blanco Developing Land & Resource Use Plan

rbcThe White River & Douglas Creek Conservation Districts along with Rio Blanco County have completed their first set of Public Meetings regarding the forthcoming Land & Resource Use Plan for the county. The Districts are developing the plan as a tool which allows local government to have a substantive impact on federal decisions, plans, policies and programs. In an effort to get community input, about 100 people attended the meetings on May 27th & 28th in Rangely, Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch, Piceance Creek and Meeker. The developers of the project emphasized that the key to the success of the Plan will be to have a collaborative effort and continued input of the community throughout the process. Additional meetings will be held in Rio Blanco County in the upcoming months. If you have questions about the plan, or the process, call 878-5628 extension 4.

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