Revocable Licenses Required In Stemaboat

Business owners should be aware that a revocable license needs to be acquired for any private improvements, amenities, or any other items located within Steamboat City Limits. Revocable licenses need to be obtained for permanent features like awnings, and for movable items like sandwich boards, outdoor displays, clothing and bike racks or anything else located in the city’s right of way. These permits can be purchased for $85 through the Steamboat Planning Department. Permit renewals must be filed with the City by March 15th. Additional information on the revocable permits is available below.

Some important things to remember when thinking of putting out a sign or any other items on the sidewalk in front of your business include:

  •  You must purchase a revocable permit, and provide evidence of insurance.
  •  Pennants with or without commercial wording are not allowed per the sign code.
  •  The code is in effect for public property within the Steamboat Springs city limits.
  • When placing a sign on your property, there are additional standards that need to be followed in regards to number, size, content and location.

If you have questions, or would like to purchase a revocable permit contact Steamboat Code Enforcement Officer Barb Wheeler, at 871-8274 or email her at

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