Residents Encouraged to Attend Rally at EPA Hearing

EPA-300Moffat County Commissioner John Kinkaid is encouraging anyone who can make it, to attend a rally outside the EPA hearings in Denver July 29th and 30th.  The Environmental Protection Agency is holding hearings on its proposed carbon emissions rules, standards the coal industry says will cost thousands of jobs and hike energy prices considerably.  The rules are expected to be devastating to rural, coal-producing counties across the country.  While lawmakers, elected officials and industry representatives have tried to get the EPA to hold hearings in areas that will actually be affected by the rules, the EPA has refused, instead electing to hold their hearings in urban areas that will feel none of the new restrictions.  The EPA responded to the requests by holding extra hearings in those urban areas.  Representative Scott Tipton has since written a new letter, again requesting a hearing in Craig, but the chances are slim.  The rally will be held outside those hearings in Denver, and is being coordinated by the Independence Institute, Americans For Prosperity, and the Colorado Mining Association.

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