Report Finds Colorado Skirting Marijuana Regs

The anti-marijuana legalization group, Smart Approaches to marijuana, sent a report to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week, detailing how states with legalized marijuana, like Colorado and Oregon, have failed to meet U.S. Department of Justice rules contained in the “Cole Memo”, which is intended to keep the feds from enforcing the Controlled Substances Act in states with legalized marijuana. The report found that Colorado, Oregon and Washington failed to meet 7 of the 8 compliance guidelines contained in the Cole Memo. Most notably, states with legal marijuana sales have failed to prevent distribution of marijuana to minors, the trafficking of marijuana to other states and the production of marijuana on public lands. Additionally, the report found that drugged driving is increasing and criminal enterprises are continuing to exploit the legal marijuana market as a cover for criminal activity. The report concludes that the Department of Justice needs to weigh in to ensure profits and revenues don’t trump public health and safety when it comes to marijuana. To view the full report, click here. 

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