Repairs To Swinging Bridge Delayed Until 2018

The time frame for repairs to start on the Swinging Bridge has been extended until next year. Repairs were scheduled to start this summer, but bids for the project came in higher than expected, so that start time has been delayed. Work is now expected to start in the spring. The project was expected to cost around $1.5 million but bids came in around $1.75 million. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to come up with the additional $250,000 for the project.  The county will use a $500 thousand grant from the state of Colorado combined with $160,000 previously budgeted to repair the bridge. They received additional contributions from a number of other sources including the BLM, the Colorado State Land Board and the Utah Division of Wildlife. They will combine these funds as a match to the $760,000 DOLA grant the county has already secured, to cover the cost of the project. The Swinging Bridge has been open only to foot traffic since June of 2014, after a tractor broke through the decking of the bridge, rendering it unusable to motorized traffic. When Swinging Bridge is reopened to motorized traffic, the structures capacity will increase from 3 to 14 tons. This will greatly improve access for firefighters, hunters and others that were previously unable to use the bridge. Pictured the accident that resulted in the closure of the Swinging Bridge, click to enlarge.

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