EPA To Extend Carbon Rule Comment Period

US-EPA-logoBowing to pressure from governors, business, labor groups and 53 US Senators the EPA announced that it is extending by 45 days the public comment period for
its carbon rule. Janet McCabe, Acting Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation announced a 45 day extension of the comment period for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan proposal. The comment period will now close on December 1, instead of October 16. McCabe said the agency is still working towards a June 2015 deadline to issue the rule. The Partnership for a Better Energy Future applauded the decision as a “step in the right direction,” but noted that “the cost and impacts of the proposal itself are still a major concern for our over 160 members. EPA should use these 45 days to listen seriously to the concerns of stakeholders. Without significant changes, EPA’s proposal will threaten the availability of affordable and reliable electricity to American families and businesses.” (Story credit: US Chamber of Commerce)

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