President Plans to Announce New EPA Rule Himself

obamaPresident Obama plans to announce new coal regulations himself.  That’s according to Administration Officials, who say the president wants to announce the rules himself in a show of how committed he is to his climate change agenda.  Opponents say it’s clear the goal is to cripple the coal industry.  The Environmental Protection Agency has come up with the rules, which are aimed at limiting the amount of pollution released by coal fired power plants.  While science has shown the new rules will actually do very little to reduce pollution, and will do nothing to improve visibility, the EPA has insisted on the upgrades.  They say the rule will be flexible to allow states to pick and choose the best way to limit their carbon output, however, experts say the cost of upgrading to the minimum standards could cost one plant billions of dollars, making it more feasible to shut down operations.  The resulting loss of demand for coal is expected to cost thousands of jobs.  Pictured:  Barack Obama

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