Police in Two States Investigate Moffat County Hazing Accusations

BULLDOGSThe Craig Police Department has confirmed they are working with the Evanston, Wyoming Police Department to investigate a hazing incident at the Moffat County High School Football team’s annual football camp in Evanston.  Parents have come forward with complaints about the way their kids were treated at the camp at the hands of older students.  Parents have said the incidents went well beyond traditional initiation, and now have police from both states looking into assault and harassment charges.  Michele Dugan, a parent of one of the freshman students on the receiving end of the alleged abuse, says it was an “unfortunate event for these kids”, and that “it just has to stop”.  The parents are also concerned that the coaches present at the camp did nothing to stop the behavior.  Dugan says she knows of one football player who will not be returning to Moffat County High School, because of the incident.  The camp took place between June 18th and the 20th.

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