Police Hope to Wrap up Hazing Investigation Next Week

BULLDOGSEvanston, Wyoming Police looking into harassment and assault charges, plan to wrap up their investigation of the Moffat County High School football team sometime next week.  Members of the team have been accused of assault and harassment, as a result of hazing that students and parents say went too far at a football camp in Evanston in June.  Lieutenant Ken Pierson says that officers will be back in Craig again Monday for more interviews of those involved.  Pierson said once those interviews are complete, he will compile the evidence and present it to the County Attorney in Evanston.  The County Attorney will then decide whether or not to press criminal charges against those involved in reported violence and humiliation against their teammates.  The incident has resulted in the firing of nearly the entire football coaching staff, who parents say didn’t provide adequate supervision.  The Moffat County School District is working on replacing the coaches, and hopes to have a head coach in place sometime next week.  Superintendent Brent Curtice said earlier this week that all applicants were from out of the area.  One of the reported victims of the hazing incident says he will not be returning to Moffat County High School.

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