Police Chiefs Wrap up Marijuana Training Conference

MARIJUANA-300The final day of of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police training conference on marijuana concluded last week with discussions of the Colorado marijuana industry perspective, the challenges of good data collection, and the importance of cross-collaboration with other public agencies. Discussions at the CACP’s training conference on “The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Public Health and Safety in Colorado” encompassed everything from edible regulation to butane hash oil explosions to revenue implications and economic impact for law enforcement and regulators. Even as other states are struggling with legalization, the Colorado Chiefs stress the importance of open dialogue with the Colorado marijuana industry as a way to educate around future regulation and issues such as banking. CACP is also emphasizing to other law enforcement the importance of collecting good data on marijuana now to establish a baseline. Colorado didn’t start measuring marijuana data until Amendment 64, which makes it harder to evaluate the impact of legalization on things like impaired driving and juvenile use. Five states have now legalized recreational marijuana, including Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia in 2014. 23 states allow some form of medical marijuana, and marijuana activists are eyeing states such as Florida, Arizona, and California for further legalization efforts.

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